District III Wrestling Coaches Association Memberships

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2020-2021 District III and PWCA Membership Form – Due February 17, 2021

District III Wrestling Coaches Association Coach of the Year

Coach of the Year List 2002-2021


Rules Updates:

From Bob Derr, District III Rules Interpreter.  Below are new NFHS and/or PIAA wrestling memos for your information.

2020,1-16 Assassin State Interpreter                                          2020,1-16 Assassin Illustrated

2020, 2-5 Strikes to Back of Head or Neck Illegal                      2020, 2-5 Supporting Points from the Neutral Position

2020, 2-5 Supporting Points in Near Fall


Official’s Evaluation Forms:

2021 Official’s Evaluation, Coach Instructions

2021 Wrestling Official’s Evaluation, D3 Coaches

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